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Alzabo Soup is a podcast where we (Phil and Metz) do deep readings of high quality speculative fiction.  We update every week on Fridays.

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The Urth of the New Sun is in progress now as we look forward into Severian's life after becoming Autarch. Here's what you need to know:

  • We will read 1-2 chapters per episode (so 1-2 chapters per week).

  • We will be doing a "minimal spoilers" reading of the book (you can't guarantee no spoilers with an author like Wolfe), so it should be pretty safe to read along your first time with us.


Please Note: This podcast is intended to be listened to in chronological order by title.  Please pick the title you'd like to listen to from "categories" start with the oldest episode of your title first!

We're always interested in more conversation, so please tweet us or email us if you have something to say!


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Feb 24, 2017

Intro: Metz and Phil talk about their favorite styles of comedy, and the differences between them.

Content (6:44): Discussion of  the short story "The Hero as Werwolf" by Gene Wolfe.


Feb 17, 2017

Intro: Phil and Metz discuss the upcoming relaunch of Disney's "DuckTales."

Content (9:00): Discussion of the short story "Under Hill" by Gene Wolfe.


Feb 10, 2017

Intro: Phil gives some practical drawing advice.

Content (7:45): Discussion of letters 42 through 44 and the Compiler's Note of Gene Wolfe's "The Sorcerer's House." Afterward, a discussion of the novel as a whole.


Feb 3, 2017

Intro: Phil and Metz discuss the origin of their friendship.

Content (9:55): Discussion of letters 40 and 41 of Gene Wolfe's "The Sorcerer's House."